Safe. And of course, Sound.

For sheer quality, image and opportunity, the walk-in, plug-in and play experience afforded by direct and convenient access to a strategic and functional assortment of amps, drums, PA equipment and supplies is not to be taken lightly. The less gear you need to cart through the door in order to replicate a live set up within the warm and organic acoustical quality of the rehearsal studio, the quicker you can get to what really matters. The music.

In our sacred jam space, you’re free to write new songs, rehearse before gigs, debate about tempo changes, or just laugh, relax and hang out.

Catering to the needs of musicians from all walks of life – from those just learning to play to those just forming a band; from those who are experienced but still trying to make it in the music business, to established bands that just need a place to practice and chill in between tours, to drummers looking for a place to shed and plow, to those who simply prefer to slip into their rock-god personas in relative obscurity, an Origin Road rehearsal space is a warm and welcoming place. A comfortable and familiar feeling place to both the novice and the seasoned – like a recollection of their greatest hits. A place of harmony and comfort and retro cool.

Clean, safe, secure, and conveniently located just 15 minutes away from the largest, most diverse local music scene in the province.

Our rooms are soundproofed, acoustically treated, and include:

  • Mixer
  • 2 speakers (Premier room also includes 2 floor monitors)
  • 3 mics and stands
  • Drum kit
  • Guitar stands, music stands and cables
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Parking

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