Our Expansion Into Retail and Covid 19

This is the continuation of Origin Road’s origin story.  If you missed Part I you can read it here.

After 2 years of running SoundLab Studios we were feeling very optimistic about our future.  This was sometime later in 2019.  Let’s call it “pre-Covid”.  We were seeing more and more bands coming in to rehearse.  We were booking more events and running some of our own workshops.  We had always kicked around the idea of having a retail music department in the studio so we would have the instruments, accessories, and books that our customers needed, right here in the studio.  The opportunity presented itself when we learned that the original owners of Sherwood Park Music were looking to retire and sell the business.  Long story short, in February 2020 we took over the retail operations of Sherwood Park Music and things were looking great!…

A month into learning all about being a music retailer and feeling like we were just getting the hang of it, along comes Covid-19!  The first lock-down was March 15, 2021 and we’re still not back to “normal”.  I won’t go into detail about what a pain things have been for the last 20 months.  After all, there isn’t really anyone on the planet that has not had to deal with the pandemic in some way or another, so you know what it’s been like.

During the initial lock-down we took the time as an opportunity to build out a new retail space at SoundLab and to work on our marketing strategy for when things got back to normal.  For the rebranding, we worked with the amazing folks at Unfussy, Alberta’s foremost “brand-centric” marketing studio, to merge SoundLab Studios and Sherwood Park Music into one new brand, “Origin Road“.

Origin Road

Regardless of lot, stage or position along your musical journey, this is an open invitation to everyone from all walks of life who have ever made, or just want to make, beautiful music for the sheer love of it. From rehearsal and recording to instrument and equipment sales and event or gig space; whether starting off or starting over, you WILL be heard. So make yourself at home in our safe, sound and comfortable place, and find your way again and again.

THE place to easily meet, network and collaborate with fellow musicians and industry representatives, you’re sure to make valuable contacts and lasting friendships, or to learn new things just by hanging out and watching others perform or promote their brands, their music and their merchandise. We are an extended family bound together by a love of music and a shared desire to preserve, protect and honour our deep musical roots. Perfectly imperfect, these roots are fed strong on the nostalgia, joys, hopes and dreams of our uncorrupted and incorrigible youth. And the fruit they’ll come to bear is a glorious sound and a bold journey made ever sweeter by the blood, sweat, tears and carefree laughter of our joint labours as a fun and carefree family led by two of the coolest, most supportive surrogate parents a group of artists with big aspirations could ever hope for.

These are the houses of the sacred and the holy, and here, in our sanctified sanctuary, you’re well within reach of anything you’ll ever need to power yourself and empower others, and well on your way as you come together to find your voice, refine your skills, and learn to develop your song to its fullest potential.

For sound travels, just follow us down the Origin Road to a life and a love of beautiful music…