Origin Road offers complete repair and maintenance services for guitars, ukuleles, banjos, violins, mandolins and much more. We can also perform some amp repairs. Please visit, call or email to discuss your instrument and equipment needs.

We will let you know up front how much any repair will cost, and will make sure you are completely satisfied with the final work. If your repair or maintenance does not fit into one of the following scenarios, we will provide you with an estimate based upon our standard shop rate of $90/hr:

Restrings (all prices exclude the cost of strings)

  • Steel String Guitar or Bass – $20
  • 12 String Guitar – $30
  • Locking Tremolo Guitar – $30
  • Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo – $30
  • Ukulele – $20
  • Violin – $35 (does not include bridge work)

Setups *

  • Guitar or Bass – $75 and up
  • Requires neck removal for truss rod adjustment – Add $10
  • Non-locking tremolo bridge – Add $10
  • Locking tremolo bridge – Add $25
  • Mandolin – $75
  • Ukulele – $55
  • Banjo – $80

* Setups Include: Restring, tighten and lubricate all hardware, clean and test electronics, replace battery if needed (battery not included), adjust or rehang loose wiring, clean and condition fingerboard, fret polish to remove minor scratches, pits and corrosion, cleaning of entire guitar, adjust truss rod to correct neck relief, adjust saddle radius to match fingerboard, adjust action at bridge, file nut slots for proper string movement, adjust intonation, adjust tremolo bridge setting to player’s preference, add/remove tremsprings as needed (parts not included), adjust pickup balance, full inspection and play test.