Pretty much anywhere you live the humidity will change from dryer to more moist throughout the year and Alberta is very dry in the winter.  Because of this very dry weather, humidifying your acoustic guitar, ukulele, or violin is very important.  Maintaining proper humidity throughout your instrument will not only ensure a longer life, but it also ensures it sounds its purest.

The most common humidifying option involves a foam sponge laid into the instrument that slowly and evenly adds moisture to the guitar when necessary. One design is a suspended option that hangs from strings without touching the instrument. The open-cell foam releases the moisture without the risk of anything dripping on the interior of the guitar. An alternative option is to find a guitar humidifier that is actually placed inside the instrument. Similarly releasing moisture at a slow rate, a simple indicator helps you monitor the process.

A more complex alternative to the traditional options is a two-way guitar humidifier. In addition to releasing moisture at the proper rate, the two-way type will absorb any necessary moisture in order to maintain a steady level within the case. Similar to the open-cell design, there is a guarantee that water will not drip inside and a reliable build means it will continue to function over the long-term. The key advantage to the two-way design is that there is no real need for manual monitoring. There is no clear indicator as to the current humidity level because this design is constantly working to maintain the proper settings.

Regardless of which design you choose, replacements will eventually be called upon if you want to ensure the long-term health of your instrument. Guitar humidifiers rely on specially designed sponges that only release moisture at the proper time. However, these will wear out over time. Origin Road carries a range of humidifier and replacement options so that you will not miss a day of proper treatment. Verify that the replacement you have chosen will fit into the specific humidifier you own.

If you’re unfamiliar with guitar humidifiers and the process as a whole, Origin Road’s friendly staff are guitarists and musicians prepared to help you navigate through the process of making an informed choice.  We are ready to help!

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