Travis Dolter

Bio: Travis Dolter grew up on the family farm near Camrose and gained confidence and charisma on stage playing in the family band. Building on this experience Travis has been able to develop an engaging stage presence helping him grow into the rising Country recording artist he is today.

In developing his career, Travis has been creating a solid resume. In 2018 Travis placed in the top 3 in the Global Country Star Search, followed by winning the 2019 NACMAI International Male Vocalist & Entertainer of the year awards and 1st place in the Country 106.5 Star Search. His official music video for LAKE DAY earned a 2nd Ballot nomination with CMAB for Video of the Year. Career highlights include opening for Hey Romeo, playing Big Valley Jamboree Songwriter’s & CMAB Horizon Stage, showcasing at the CCMA Diamonds in the Rough Stage, performing for the CMAB Sizzlin’ Summer Takeover, headlining a NASCAR race, and sharing his music across Alberta and Saskatchewan during his Rural Nights Tour! In 2020, Travis headlined a drive-in concert in Camrose attracting 114 vehicles and headlined a 2nd one in July 2021.

Crafting his sound, brand and stage show, Travis has attended workshops by professionals such as Tom Jackson and Rhea March, is working with Black Mountain Music & Media on Artist Development and Tamara Beatty (Voicefit) on Vocal Development. As a songwriter, Travis has the ability to paint a picture with words and has co-written with artists like Doug Folkins. Each release has seen increased success at radio. 840 CFCW program director Jackie Rae Greening and music director AJ Keller have chosen Travis as their September Homegrown Artist of the month, in time for his new single, “Somewhere”. Travis is a witty songwriter and storyteller who uses humour to capture his audience’s attention.

Every Song..…A Story
Tell us about your involvement with music? (E.g. What instrument(s) do you play, genre, etc)
I play country music and have been playing guitar for 12 years! I grew up performing with a Ukrainian Family band and at 13 began to play guitar and sing on stage. At my high school graduation, I was selected to be the MC and wrote my first ever song “Good Friends”. I got a good response and haven’t stopped writing ever since!
Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I grew up on a family farm near Hay Lakes Alberta and now live in Camrose Alberta!
Who inspires you (musically or life in general)?
I find inspiration for writing songs through true events that happen with my family and friends. I also find inspiration through my own life experiences!
Who’s your favourite band/artist?
I have always been a fan of 50’s Rock and Roll and from the first time I heard Buddy Holly I started taking guitar and singing more seriously and it really boosted my abilities. I still perform Buddy Holly songs at my shows!
What song best sums you up?
There are so many to choose from but I would have to say “Young” By Kenny Chesney.
What would your dream vacation be?
My dream vacation would be going to Europe to see Greece and Spain!
If you won the lottery and could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work?
Cooking. I am not very good at it aside from meat and pasta!
If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Do you like or dislike surprises?
I love surprises!
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars
DC or Marvel?
List two pet peeves?
People who are fake, and people who take up two parking stalls!
How can we connect with you and your music (website, social media…)?

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