Dylan McKay aka Noguano

Bio: Noguano is a strange and psychedelic hip hop musician and producer, as well as devoted audio engineer and technological experimenter, gradually spreading his sound and style worldwide.

What instrument(s) do you play?
I’m a producer, audio engineer, beatmaker and more. I started by learning samplers and MIDI devices at 14, gradually learning about studio gear and effects, before beginning lessons on the piano in 2019, always with the intention of making hip hop albums from start to finish. I work with a large number of emcees, aka rappers, around the globe.
Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I have always lived throughout Alberta, with a small pitstop in Victoria, BC
Who inspires you (musically or life in general)?
I will say The Hockey Guy, a dedicated YouTuber who covers hockey deeper than even large networks can seem to manage. And otherwise, I’d name past hip hop producers like Madlib and The Alchemist for always pushing the creative boundaries and making so much music.
Who’s your favourite band/artist?
It has to be the Wu-Tang Clan, I Believe it..
What song best sums you up?
“Jazz (We’ve Got)” by A Tribe Called Quest. Beautiful song and an accurate representation of what I have worked towards over time, to make songs that stand with this one
What would your dream vacation be?
Today, I say Japan.
If you won the lottery and could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work?
Maybe yard work, because I trust my own cooking the best, and have a sharp eye for dirtiness. I would like someone to plant fruit trees in my yard and ensure they grow healthily.
If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My signature baked pasta!
Do you like or dislike surprises?
I expect the best, so I am usually only surprised when something negative arises.
Star Wars or Star Trek?
I’m not overly familiar, but I appreciate the ideas and philosophies raised in the original Star Trek series.
DC or Marvel?
Neither one! But edge to Marvel for being the home to Spiderman.
List two pet peeves?
Lying and impatience.
How can we connect with you and your music (website, social media…)?

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