Ours is an epic, face-melting, mind-blowing, pulse-racing origin story worthy not just of the new studio formed by the melding of SoundLab Studios and Sherwood Park Music, but also of the people whose harmonious vision brought the space to life.

Supportive, caring and knowledgeable; and always at the ready with a delicious piece of advice or a kind and inspiring word, theirs is the wild ruckus room that serves as the hub of Edmonton’s music scene. By encouraging artists of all ages and skill sets to be comfortable and make themselves feel at home, they devote their time to breaking barriers and defying traditional genre and clique stereotypes – proudly declaring that All are free to play here and All will be heard. From rehearsal space to recording studio to equipment and instrument sales to the hosting or facilitation of industry events, mixers, workshops and gigs, ours is a colourful show of unity and community, solidarity, strength and intimacy conveniently held beneath one shared roof.

This is your space and your song… for you see, while bands may come and go, a sense of family and community can last forever.

And that’s exactly what we’ve created here in this sacred jam space: an extended family bound together by a raw and unapologetic love of music and a shared desire to preserve, protect and honour our deep musical roots. Perfectly imperfect, these roots are fed strong on the nostalgia, joys, hopes and dreams of our uncorrupted and incorrigible youth. And the fruit they’ll come to bear is a glorious sound and a bold journey made ever sweeter by the blood, sweat, tears and laughter of our joint labours as a fun and carefree family led by two of the coolest, most supportive surrogate parents a group of budding artists with big aspirations could ever hope for…