Rehearsals are fun – and they should be. Some of the best laughs I’ve ever had have been with my band mates. But there’s a difference between hanging out and jamming with your friends, and preparing for a show or recording session. In the latter case, rehearsals should be taken seriously. The main purpose of rehearsal is to make sure you’re all on the same page and can play your individual parts together – Really. Well. Together.

Successful band rehearsal

To be performance ready, each band member needs to know, at the very least:

  • The structure of each song – Are you playing verse/chorus/verse, or verse/verse/chorus?
  • How each song starts and ends – Is the intro 4 or 8 bars? Are you ending by playing through the chorus twice, or playing until the drummer cues you?
  • What key you’re in.

It seems pretty basic, but if you’ve ever played with other musicians you know that ending a song at the same time can be tricky! At least, that’s been my experience. And is there any better feeling than when you get to the end of a song and you all end at the same time? That’s when you know you’re tight and that your well-organized and productive rehearsals have paid off! Your audience will appreciate it, too, and you’ll be rewarded with wild applause and cheering.

Read through the tips from and try to incorporate at least one suggestion each time you rehearse.

15 Simple Tips for a Successful Band Rehearsal